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Kodachrome – colour slide film using unique proprietary technology. A fairly substantial handgrip provides a good hold. Release Date The lens extends outward when the camera is powered on, and likewise retracts when the camera is turned off. This keeps noise from the zoom motor from affecting the sound track. With its 10x optical zoom lens, 5. Like most digital cameras that record movies with sound, the Kodak Z disables its zoom control while a movie is being recorded. During movie playback, moving the controller up and down adjusts the playback volume. In the box are the following items:Initially available only in bundled packages with the new Series 3 Kodak Printer dock we’re told that the camera will be available by itself later in , the Kodak Z offers flexible long-zoom shooting in a very easy to use digital camera. In addition to the 10x optical zoom, the Kodak Z also offers as much as 5x digital zoom, which effectively increases the camera’s zoom range to a total of 50x.

How to Determine a Manufacture Date For A Kodak Brownie Camera

I have just acquired Kodak Anastigmat lens. Could anybody help me to date it please? The number is Thank you, Martin. There will also be a two-letter code on the lens. That code tells us the year of manufacture of Kodak lenses.

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The Kodak Type S mount was Kodak’s universal cine lens mount, adaptable to nearly all of Kodak’s interchangeable lens cine cameras. Nearly all of Kodak’s cine lenses from the s, s, and s were available in the Type S mount, and there were many more Kodak lenses in Type S mount than in any other mount. Threaded mount similar to C-mount. Kodak considered Type A to be distinct from Type C [6] , but it’s unclear why. The name was used generically by many lens manufacturers to indicate correction for astigmatism.

Some of Kodak’s smaller aperture, longer focal length cine lenses carried the name ‘Cine-Kodak Telephoto’ instead of Anastigmat, but all indications are that the lenses were of the same general type and quality. Around , Kodak started marking all lens barrels with focal lengths in millimeters. Kodak mostly stopped using the Anastigmat name in or At that time several Anastigmat lenses were renamed to Ektanon, and the other Anastigmats were likely discontinued.

Kodak used the Ektanon name for mid-level consumer products. Starting in [18] , Kodak used the Ektar name for a new line of its best lenses. Cine Ektar lenses were generally superior to Anastigmat lenses, both optically and mechanically.

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In the ever-growing world of digital single vision offerings, Essilor and Kodak Lens have just released information on their new designs. These great new lens options are designed to help patients deal with digital eye strain and visual fatigue. Let’s take a look at each and see what they bring to the table. In most cases, single vision lenses are calculated to work best in the distance with the wearer looking through the optical center.

While this works well for a wearer who is looking at objects at an infinite distance it does very little to enhance visual acuity for near and intermediate viewing. With the Eyezen Start, Essilor optimized the whole lens surface for both far and near vision to improve acuity and reduce the loss of sharpness when the wearer moves below the optical center to view near objects.

Dating the Year of Manufacture[edit]. The serial number on a Kodak manufactured lens is always preceded by a.

The Kodak Ektars were not, in manufacture, intended to replace, but rather to supplement the established professional Kodak Lens Lenses, dating were manufactured date precise standards and which were designed to give excellent results adequate for most photographic work, both black-and-white and color. In producing Kodak Ektar Lenses, kodak lens designers brought to their task the experience of years in designing lenses of quality for all photographic purposes, and dating took advantage of new and dating types of optical glass.

Many different models were made and tested. As a result, the Kodak Ektars represented all lens skill, care, and optical research could produce. In manufacture, determine step lens kodak controlled, and in many cases, lens tools and testing methods were devised. The lens mountings have likewise received the attention they deserve. Such meticulous care in workmanship was a guarantee that lens value had lens built into these lenses. The degree of all residual aberrations in Kodak Ektars was negligible.

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It was developed in Rochester, New York when it became likely that imports from the Kodak AG factory in Germany could be disrupted by war. While Kodak had invented the Kodak daylight-loading film cassette in , prior to they only offered the German made Kodak Retina to work with this cartridge. US built 35mm cameras used the paper backed 35mm roll-film Bantam Series. The first Kodak 35 has no rangefinder. The precision molded black Bakelite body has satin-chromed top and base plates, and a collapsible finder is mounted on top center.

The removable Bakelite back with the attached base plate slides easily off for film handling.

Model / Variant: US Model with Kodak Periscopic Lens. Lens: Kodak Periscopic. Date of this Example: c Serial Number: Faceplate identifier

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Kodak hit the press rooms with the DC on 6th June this year , with a 3x optical zoom, 3 megapixel sensor and various manual features though not overloaded the DC marked a new design and marketing ethos for Kodak. Looking far more traditional than their previous “square front” designs, the DC has the curvy lines and cool metallic finish you’d expect of a quality product.

If this is genuine not an Amazon mistake the DC would become the 3 megapixel bargain of the moment. Kodak DC 3. Kodak DC 2. The Sony a9 II didn’t make a huge splash in the industry when it launched, but it’s certainly left an impression on us.

The following table identifies lens and filter patents of the CKS Series. Patent, Date Filed, Inventor, Title. 1,,, 1/17/, F.E. Altman, Objective. 1,,

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This is separate to our standard guarantee against manufacturing defects. Sensible terms and conditions apply of course, see our ‘Lens Finishes’ booklet for full details. You can log in at any time and review how many points you have earned, spent and have remaining. You can even view new benefits and add them to a wish list to be purchased another day. One login gives you access to a growing database of practice marketing ideas and materials. Our team work with yours to study the patient journey, looking at things such as terminology, recommendations and the handover process.

Kodak and EasyShare are trademarks of Eastman Kodak Company. 6 Self Timer/Video light. 3. Shutter button. 7 Lens. 4. Microphone. 7. 3. 2. 1. 6. 4. 5 The Date & Time have been reset message appears the first time you turn on.

This lens is corrected to a very high degree and is especially well corrected for transverse chromatic aberration or lateral color; it is therefore ideally suited to Kodachrome and black- and-white photography. Each lens was tested for exact register of the images of the three primary colors. The lens was set up so that the light from the test object passes through the lens obliquely. The rectangles were made of colored gelatin, each passing a narrow band of the spectrum.

If the lens had been properly made and assembled, the narrow black lines through the rectangles on the test object would be continuous in the test exposure. A test negative was made for each of these lenses, and kept on file.


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The folks at Essilor R&D studied postural date on the use of digital devices which allowed them to zero in on the gaze direction when using digital.

Sometimes the best date you can get is within a few years, sometimes within a few months and sometimes the exact month! These dates can be useful to determine that a camera was not made before that date, however, the patent date s is for the particular piece it is stamped on. This means that if, say, a roll holder has a patent date on it that the date refers to when the film holder was patented. The roll holder then could be in a camera which was manufactured in Another good use for these dates is to use them when looking through this website at a camera information page.

For instance, if a camera was made from and a piece has a patent date of then it’s a good bet that the camera was made between and One downside to all of this is that a piece could have been a repair to the camera, or replaced for some reason, making this way of determining the manufacture date not exact. This information will give, at the least, the manufacture start and stop dates. Further, many cameras went through some changes in their lifetime without changing the name. On the camera pages these differences are listed with dates.

This means that, say, if a camera was made from and the winding “key” was changed from a bar type to a knob type in and your camera has the “bar” type then you know your camera was manufactured before Sometimes there are a quite a few changes that occured to a camera so that you can determine even better what the manufacture date is by looking at your camera and seeing what features it has and if these features are listed.

There are alot of exceptions but many of the popular cameras made in the ‘s and 60’s include this “hidden” code.

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Now better than ever, all the power and performance you could wish for is harnessed in this cutting-edge, mega zoom bridge camera. Amazing detail, plenty of features, and 52x optical zoom that get you nice and close are just the beginning. Explore the power and freedom the AZ affords you first hand. Wide Approx. Wi-Fi

Title: KODAK Lens Manual , Author: KODAK Lens, Length: pages, The 90 day guarantee is effective from the date the lenses were despatched from​.

Jump to navigation. Your eyes get affected by different light conditions during the day and at night. At night, the glare from headlights, neon lights and street lamps can cause discomfort to the eyes. For those on the road, such harsh lights can make it hard to focus. Our constant use of digital devices causes us to be exposed to harmful blue light.

Unfortunately, our eyes cannot filter out blue light and this passes through the cornea, reaching the retina. This can then lead to eye strain, visual fatigue, headaches and sleeplessness. UV rays can negatively impact eye health, accelerate eye aging and potentially contribute to various eye conditions including cataracts.

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