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Morgana Pendragon was the illegitimate daughter of Uther Pendragon , the second daughter and the youngest child of Vivienne , the younger paternal half-sister of Arthur , the younger maternal half-sister of Morgause and the adopted daughter of Gorlois. Originally a kind-hearted individual, Morgana became evil after being corrupted by Morgause and being betrayed by her former-friend Merlin. She subsequently turned against her family and friends, even helping to cause the death of her own father; she was ruthlessly determined to take over Camelot and allowed nothing to stand in her way. Morgana has been shown to have formed a bond with Mordred , whom Kilgharrah has foreseen would kill Arthur before Mordred betrayed her to Arthur , and she also formed a close bond with the young dragon , Aithusa , who saved her life. According to Uther Pendragon , when Morgana’s presumed father Gorlois was away fighting on the Northern Plains, her mother Vivienne had a brief affair with Uther Pendragon and later gave birth to Morgana. As she was born in the house of Gorlois , no one doubted her parentage. Morgana also stated that, as a child, she used to help Gorlois with his armour. She remained with her family until she was about ten years old, at which point Gorlois was killed by enemies of Camelot because Uther failed to send his best friend the promised reinforcements. As a result of Gorlois’ death, Morgana was placed in Uther’s care. It was stated by Uther himself that Morgana fought him from the beginning and was never afraid to speak her mind.

Merlin dating morgana

It’s been just over six long years since we last visited Camelot and caught up with the latest — and somewhat homoerotic — adventures of Merlin and Arthur. Merlin ended in December after five seasons, but how have its main cast fared since then? For this list, we’re focusing on the relative newcomers rather than legends such as John Hurt, Richard Wilson and Anthony Head, as we’re kinda certain they were doing pretty well for themselves before Merlin came along.

He has focused largely on theatre in the past four years, including a stint in High Society at London’s Old Vic. But since a handful of episodes in Merlin , Michelle’s been a mixed bag in the TV world.

Merlin is played by Colin Morgan and Morgana is played by Katie McGrath. “​The Date (A Colin Morgan And Katie Mcgrath Love Story)” by ImagineImmortality.

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Morgana Pendragon

So without shipper goggles I truly believe that Morgana loved and probably still loved Merlin for most of the entire series, starting around 01x I believe she was truly surprised by Merlin and him helping her with Mordred after 01x His act of helping her meant so much to her that she actually was the first person to jump to the opportunity of helping Merlin protect his mother and village. The fact that she tells Merlin about her nightmares.. She not only trusts him with her nightmares, but she trusts him to tell the truth about the druids.

2 when she guest stars. Morgana. Katie Mcgrath as Morgana in BBC Merlin Katie Mcgrath, Bradley James, Colin Morgan,. Saved from

Irish actress Katie McGrath did not intend to make a career for herself in the however, when she was cast as the evil Morgana in the hit BBC series Merlin. Comments Disabled because Im sick and tired of comments about Colins personal life, who hes dating, that hes with Katie and ugh its none of our business to. Accidentally finding out hi Guinevere has agreed to go on a date with me if I bring someone along as a kind of blind date for her Morgana told Merlin the pin number before handing over.

I don’t know what the plot is to this! Basically Merlin and Morgana are dating and Uther finds out and kills Merlin. Morgana leaves Camelot while Merlin. Morgan Le Fay relationship list. Morgana and other names. Posts about katie mcgrath dating written by katie mcgrath dating, katroe, merlin, monroe hayden, monroe hayden dating, morgana If Morgana and Fox. I think she looks her best when she wears green: so cute that merlin and her are dating in real life!

Katie McGrath as Morgana in Merlin.

Merlin at 10: The cast and creatives on how they made the BBC’s boy-wizard drama

Search this site. Navigation Sitemap. The first lady of Camelot and we are very aware that she is top dog. She is in control and she can manipulate all the men,” explains Katie McGrath who plays the scheming beauty. Not your average, retiring type of girl. She’s a go-getter, stand up for herself kind of girl.

Merlin’s acts of kindness have truly baffled Morgana – the servant who works closely with two people who despise magic. She not only trusts him.

Originally posted by kara-luthors. Summary: The reader stands up against Uther for forcing Morgana to watch a execution, and gets thrown in the dungeons. I am so not ready. In the mean time, have this lovely, fluffy, SHORT, and super gay oneshot from the depths of my little bisexual heart. Keep reading. Originally posted by lenakuthor. Originally posted by xrosheen.

Morgana makes eye contact with her second hand maiden through her mirror and smiles coyly. Morgana laughs while brushing some hair from her face. Morgana twists her face in thought then picks up a baby blue dress. When she turns around Morgana is undressed and just starting to put the dress on. I am so sorry my queen! That will be a lot of work. Okay, if you want to make flower crowns for everyone then we can do that.

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The new queen of Camelot proves to be far crueler than Uther, who is made to watch from his dungeon as she slaughters innocents. Guinevere helps Sir Leon escape from prison and joins her brother The kingdom is on the brink of collapse, with Morgana poised to strike. As Lancelot races back to Camelot with the dying Merlin, Arthur must continue on his mission to vanquish the Dorocha without See our picks list. After the mysterious murder of his father, a son’s search for answers begins a momentous fight against tyranny.

These are the brand new adventures of Merlin, the legendary sorcerer as a young man, when he was just a servant to young Prince Arthur on Morgana 65 episodes, Merlin: Secrets & Magic (TV Series ) Release Date.

The third series of Merlin begins on Saturday — which makes it the perfect time to reflect on the astonishing success of this irresistibly fun but nonetheless ridiculous modern-day medieval television series. Morgana, once so pure and kind, is morphing into an evil, Celtic witch-queen version of Andrea from The Corrs, all flashing eyes under braided hair. Uther Pendragon is old and in the way, a once-powerful patriarch beginning to look distinctly doddery.

His physician, Gaius, is like one of the ageing hippies who sell crystals in the Green Field at Glastonbury. Guinevere resembles a nice girl from Croydon, and Merlin is the downtrodden but clever grammar school boy to Prince Arthur’s public school toff, forever hiding his talents under a cloak of servitude in fealty to his slightly dim but astonishingly confident highborn superior.

Herein lies the secret of Merlin’s success. It may feature cavernous stone castles, lengthy sword battles and talking dragons, but it also mirrors 21st century British society. Even the thrust of the story is shaped by basic modern fears: mysterious and untameable forces that threaten the safety, stability and, most of all, familiarity of life inside Camelot — a metaphor for England itself.

Legends grow for the people. That’s really their purpose. As for Angel Coulby, who plays the blameless Guinevere, she came to the series with a level of naivety suitable for her character. You need a vivid imagination to put yourself into the fantasy situation of the story. Hard as it may be to believe, Merlin has actually evolved into being a tad more authentic.

When the first series aired, Prince Arthur described things as “cool” — not a word readily associated with sixth century Britain.

Merlin BBC

Morgan attended Integrated College Dungannon in He graduated in In the final year of his undergraduate course, Morgan was discovered by theatre director Rufus Norris and made the choice to leave three-quarters of the way through to make his professional London West End theatre debut playing the title character in Vernon God Little. In , he portrayed a homeless drug-addict opposite Colm Meaney in the independent Irish film Parked.

His performance was praised by multiple critics and director Darragh Byrne. Morgan was born on January 1, , in Armagh, Northern Ireland to Bernard, a painter, and decorator, and Bernadette, a nurse.

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See Full Schedule. It may seem longer because we grew attached to the series and its characters after five seasons We all know the name Merlin, as in the wizard, but in this case we meet him as a young man sans long white beard. Merlin himself is still working out his magical powers in these early days. Gaius guides Merlin through Camelot, acting as a mentor.

He provided a voiceover for the short film Making Ends Meat. Merlin befriends a young man by the name of Arthur, who is to become the future king. He plays a zombified love interest to the heroine, also a zombie, played by New Zealander Rose McIver.

Merlin ended 6 years ago: Who has had the most successful career so far?

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Morgana first leads Uther to Arthur and Gwen’s date, causing the king to banish Gwen from Camelot. When it seems that Morgana’s plan has backfired, Gwen is.

We all know Colin is very private about his love life, anybody have any gossip about who he may be with? So does anyone know if the rumours are true about Colin dating one of the crew members on the Merlin set? I am being serious here. Does anyone have any real info? So according to a stunt double Colin took his girlfriend with him to the loserville play. Anyone confirm that? No, sadly I don’t think Colins dating Katie, even though I ship them so hard together.

Colin has been spotted with women. D but She’s not. I think he has been dating the first one I mentioned. She has blonde hair. If you go to youtube and watch Colin ColdCon video pt 2 at the end when Colin’s going out the door a tall blonde women leaves with him. That’s not to say she’s his girlfriend but her height is the same, as the women in the picture and she has the same frame as her.

Mentally Dating Katie McGrath Sticker

For Shalom Brune-Franklin , getting the role of Morgana was a dream come true. For Cursed to have a different take on the character made the opportunity even sweeter. She soon reveals her true identity. This is an epic character. There was obviously Excalibur with Helen Mirren.

Posted: Apr 29,

By using this site, you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Majority of her fans appear to be intrigued by the dating life of this talented actress. This gorgeous Irish beauty tends to keep her relationship to herself. She prefers not to be open about her personal life. However, she did announce some big news towards the end of If you’re curious about what this big news was, you may scroll down below where you can also have an overview of everything related to the dating life of this talented actress.

Sorry to disappoint you folks, but the answer is No!

Katie and Colin on Morgana and Merlin